Sunday, October 28, 2007

all in a day's work...

let me remind you of what the bathroom looked like before...

notice the broken mini blinds, boring color, unpainted window sill, and the stack of products over the teeny tiny shelf.

today i painted it!

i also installed a new shelf that has a movable mirror. it also partially hides stuff behind it. i installed new roman shades and painted the window sill. i got rid of the blue circle rug and got another brown one.

here is a close up of the shelf. it is hung low so that me and my daughter can use it at the same time!

the dining room is next.

Friday, October 26, 2007

don't give up on me..

on this weekend's agenda.... update

-paint bathroom
-trip to ikea and purchase - then assemble:
-buffet for kitchen
-tv stand
-book shelf - working on this one
-miscellaneous items for the house

next week
-paint dining room
-empty outbox
-hang artwork

-final dust and mop

the invites went out this week and it is locked in for Nov. 9th. i have a lot of work to do.

Sunday, October 14, 2007


in an attempt to purge... i took a big box of cd's that i no longer listen to down to the local record store that typically buys back cd's.

they rejected my entire collection!

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

big job...

so i have this box of stuff to go in the outside storage. however, the outside storage is full.

so i bought this box to put all my stuff in.

but where i want to put it... there are a stack of 16 x 16 concrete pavers. (that i will use on a future project). so in order to get rid of the box of stuff, i need to move them.

i took on this task this evening, since didn't feel like going to the gym, but wanted to work out... this was definitely a workout. i moved each one, one at a time to the other side of the yard. (don't be too impressed, the yard is only about 16' wide). but i did move each one.

i shifted the taller one over and made room for the short one, so there was no obstruction from my kitchen window! stacked the cooler and tied them all together so that nothing walks!

i emptied the box and even reorganized the tall one to fit tall tools in it that have been stored in the house!

Saturday, October 06, 2007


laundry has consumed me! this is what is responsible for my lack of posting. i am one load away from being caught up. yeah!!

week three: landing strip

i love fall. our uncut pumpkins on the porch steps.

our welcome mat!

looking towards the front door. the stack of folding chairs will be painted and reupholstered. i am searching for a shelving unit to go on that wall that will hold our 'take upstairs' baskets and some hooks for jackets. (normally they hang on the banister).

keys and mail. i have a little basket that i put other mail that can be sorted at another time.

new chairs

i acquired 2 new chairs! they came from an old office warehouse in winston-salem, nc.

they have found a home in my living room, but i am not sure that they are going to stay there. i need to make some purchases from ikea for the living room so it depends on how they work with the new shelves. they are also throwing the hard/soft ratio off. one or both may move to my room, but i am worried they will become a clothes hanger instead.