Saturday, May 31, 2008

our fairy

tonight was a nice evening. after we finished dinner, we decided to go back down to the beach to fly our kites. we have had our fairy kite since last year, but didn't really get her up in the air until yesterday. it was very exciting!

well, today... i lost her. i had it hooked to my chair and i moved to take a picture and she flew off, into the ocean. it was very sad to see her go.

ryan flying her spongbob kite!

we luckily found a website that sells them and were able to find another one just like her. so she is on the way!

beach day one

we claimed our little spot.

we flew the kite.

we went in the water, but there were lots of jelly fish. this was most relaxing...

we wore matching hats!

coney island

on our way back from connecticut we stopped in at coney island. here are some things that i saw...


not sure i really want to ride this... but just might have to this summer!

i do want to ride this one!!

hmm? this could be interesting

this was a show for sure!!

my camera's zoom rocks... (i pretended to take a picture of my mom for this one)

of course we had a nathan's hotdog while we were there. we actually got it from the board walk instead of this one, but i hope to go back and get one from the original shop!

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

long weekend

this weekend i got to spend with my sister! we made the trip up to connecticut to be with her as she graduated with an MFA from Yale School of Drama. we are so proud of her!

sarah, lisa, jo, danielle

on saturday night we listened to the YSD no name band play at sullivans, (which was the first place we ate, when we moved her up there). it is where she frequented the most, we believe!

ryan left her mark (a sullivan's tradition) for when she goes to Yale for school....

the graduation ceremony was nice. it was outside in old campus and there were thousands of people there. the ceremony was projected on to 3 or 4 jumbo trons for us (the people in the way way back) to see. sir paul mccartney was honored with a doctorate in music. thanks to the jumbo trons, i got to see him.

nana j and jojo...

jo also made the newspaper the next morning!

Monday, May 12, 2008

mother's day

ryan and i planned to spend the day at busch gardens for mother's day, in hopes that most people would be at home with their moms. well, we were right, it wasn't busy at all, although the gloomy weather probably had a little to do with that. it was a great day to ride the rides we would generally have to wait in REALLY long lines for. so we went the extra mile and waited in the lines for front row.

last week when we went we started to get in line for the griffon, but being really tired (or really scared) we quickly got out of line. this week, we were determined to ride it. but not front row. so we got in line, and were able to get right on, giving us no opportunity to change our minds. we loved it. so we decided to get right back on, but wait for front row. the view was awesome

we also waited for the front row of the big bad wolf, and torrential downpours started just as we loaded. just so you know, going at the speed we were going, rain really stings the face. and we got soaked!! but we laughed the whole time.

Saturday, May 10, 2008


today is the day... for the strawberry street festival. i have been spending the last couple of weeks coordinating the volunteers. this is usually a bit stressful, and i have to say that i was not as stressed this year. i did get a little worried earlier this week when i had an abundance of high school and middle school students. but i think we are going to be fine!! we have extra people and i am hoping that there are people that will just show up.

i am looking forward to the festival being over, but not before i get some spicy noodles and strawberry shortcake!!

keep your fingers crossed for NO RAIN.