Monday, July 09, 2007

not going to get lost anymore...

My new toy!! Garmin Nuvi 360. This gadget it going to keep me sane, hopefully, when traveling outside of my little world that I seem to prefer to stay in. I am not really a hermit, but the last couple of times that I have gone on a little adventure, it has really been an adventure. It starts out with wanting to avoid traffic and thinking I am going in the right direction.... and not.

It has some pretty great little tools that I hope to use as well. The first.. is the bluetooth capability to work with my phone. I will be able to make phone calls, hands free from the unit. It has an mp3 player, however, I am not sure how to get my music on there, it seems as though I need to buy music... not sure that I want to buy all my music again. Some other features are the audio book player by, the world clock, a calculator, translator, to name a few.

It has already let me store my home, and a few of my favorite locations. It seems easy to find addresses. If you have the address then you are set, if not you can find something close, zoom in and find it that way. Another way is coordinates, hoping you know the coordinates of the location you are trying to get to... strangely, I had one address that gave me coordinates on their website (the other option was a p.o. box number).

I am definitely looking forward to my next road trip. August will be the next big one, but I will have to pretend the next time I cross the river, that it is a fun road trip!

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