Monday, September 10, 2007

week one: the interview and quiz


This Week's Assignment:
Get your hands on a copy of the book and read through page 69. This gives you all the ground work and gets you started with the interview and short quiz on the health of your home.

Here are my answers:


List your favorites in each category...
Actress: Scarlett Johannsen
Actor: Tay Diggs
Artist: My kid.
Writer: Recently read a book by Ayelet Waldman that I enjoyed.
Music: Reggae and R&B, Sanchez, John Legend, Jill Scott
Restaurant: Millie's
Automobile: VW Convertible
Television show: Food Network Challenge/Weeds/Big Love
Clothing (designer or store): Banana Republic, if I could fit in their clothes.

How would you describe your style (3 words)?
1. classic
2. functional
3. comfortable

Personal History

Where have you lived: Mississauga, Canada; Richmond, Virginia; Blacksburg, Virginia
Where you grew up: Mississauga, Canada
As an adult: Richmond, Virginia

Whom would you consider a role model?
my mom.

What three adjectives describe the qualities that you admire in this person?
1. honest
2. giving
3. patient


What is the problem with your apartment (3 words)?
1. unorganized
2. unfinished
3. cluttered

If your apartment could speak, what would it say is the problem?
you have too much stuff and no where to put it... get it out of here. oh, and fix that wall.

What one thing would you like to do or do more of in your apartment?
read a book without feeling like there are other things i should be doing

Eight weeks from now, when this project is done, if friends came to visit how would you like them to describe your home (3 words)?
1. beautiful
2. clean
3. organized


Does your home support everything you want to do? No
Do you use your home often? No
Is there room for everything you want to do at home? No
Is there a good space for what is most important to you? No

Do you consider your home beautiful? Almost... does that count as a No?
Do you feel you have a sense of style? Yes
Does your clothing express your style? No
Does your home express your style? No

Do you consider your home comfortable? No
Do you sleep well at night? Yes
Is your apartment organized? No
Is it easy to clean and declutter? No

Do you consider your home to be in good shape? No
Is everything in good working order? No
Do you take care of repairs quickly? No
Do you clean your home often? Nope.

Score: 2 Yes, 14 No
Very ill. Depressing. Serious Problems that are harmful to your health.

This is not shocking.


Sadia Bruce said...

Scarlett Johanssen? Taye Diggs? Jill Scott?

At last! A healer (my term for Cure participants) with some spice!

sarah said...

thanks.. no one has ever called me spicy before... i like!