Monday, May 12, 2008

mother's day

ryan and i planned to spend the day at busch gardens for mother's day, in hopes that most people would be at home with their moms. well, we were right, it wasn't busy at all, although the gloomy weather probably had a little to do with that. it was a great day to ride the rides we would generally have to wait in REALLY long lines for. so we went the extra mile and waited in the lines for front row.

last week when we went we started to get in line for the griffon, but being really tired (or really scared) we quickly got out of line. this week, we were determined to ride it. but not front row. so we got in line, and were able to get right on, giving us no opportunity to change our minds. we loved it. so we decided to get right back on, but wait for front row. the view was awesome

we also waited for the front row of the big bad wolf, and torrential downpours started just as we loaded. just so you know, going at the speed we were going, rain really stings the face. and we got soaked!! but we laughed the whole time.

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Spencer said...

That's one thing I do miss...theme parks. We have one but it's like 3 hours away near Valencia and there is no day of short lines! Either that or go to Euro Disney...which is a joke!