Sunday, September 16, 2007

week one: deep treatment

some of my repairs include:
-painting, (2 rooms need it)
-window treatments - i have to loose the vinyl mini-blinds
-a hole in the drywall in the bathroom

so, finding and cleaning the mop bucket was a task in itself... but, it is so rewarding to mop my floor. it has made my living room beautiful already. i still need some new furniture and put up artwork.

my dining room is going to have to wait until next week with the kitchen... it is currently my outbox (yes, the whole room).

as for upstairs, that is tonights task. i picked up in there a bit today, so it shouldn't be too much to vacuum and mop. i still need to add before pics, i will do that now.

i bought the book months ago and read through with the intentions of doing it on my own. since then i have had 2 out boxes, one upstairs and one downstairs. if something doesn't have a home, i stick it in there and then periodically empty them and donate (usually everything) to the thrift store. it has been a while since i emptied them. they are all packed up and ready to be dropped off monday. just waiting for my dad's truck... (yes there is that much stuff).

this is the upstairs outbox... it will be emptied tomorrow!


i love having flowers in my house. plants too. saying that... i don't have a single living plant in my house. as i have had to take a good look around, i see that i have a dead dried up basil plant that did not make many dinners. i would like to add plants and flowers to my home as part of this cure. we cut flowers from my garden today instead of buying flowers.


i sat in a spot in my living room that i have had a dresser and the tv so it hasn't been accessible until now. as far as the layout of this room, the furniture that i have, i like, and i like it in the location that it is in. i also was in this room before i cleaned it so my concentration was on what was in store for me. i definitely need a coffee table and some more artwork and furniture.

i am happy to say that i love and have always used murphy's oil soap. method's containers are designed so great, what a bonus that they are earth friendly!! i will look for others at target.

check out the before picture on flicker!

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