Tuesday, September 18, 2007

week two: kicthen

this has already been a crazy week for me already and it isn't going to get better.... however, my dad came and got my junk. this is just the first load of junk. i keep sorting through and filling bags with clothes and other miscellaneous stuff. i will be ready again next week.

he also patched the hole in the wall in the bathroom he has to apply one more coat of spackle in the morning then ready to sand and paint. i just need to pick a color... i have been leaning towards blue but i have too many blue rooms...

any other favorite colors for a bathroom?

he also cut my grass, which just makes him super fantastic!!

getting rid of the junk helped clear out my room a bit, so i am still trying to find the floor to mop, but at least i am getting somewhere! i need to hold off since i will be sanding.

in my attempt to do this cure alone at the beginning of the summer, i did get to week 2, and cleaned my kitchen. which doesn't make this such a frightening task. i do need to touch up a bit, and my fridge is a little unhappy. i need to concentrate on unused, unpaired Tupperware containers and excessive baking pans. (i actually do love to bake). and the storage closet which is in my kitchen and my dining room need the most attention. (you saw photos, yikes!)


drwende said...

If you like blue, why not another blue room? Blue can have different moods, depending what blue it is and what you do with it.

Alana in Canada said...

great progress. I think tupperware and lids just aren't compatible. They cannot seem to stay together. If you know any little ones, they *love* to go through them all and match the lids to the bottoms.

What a great Dad! That was some hole. Can you tell me how he patched it? We have a hole in our bathroom too.

curing what ails me said...

Congratulations on your progress! Hey, don't worry if you have one more blue room....if you love blue, use it in the bathroom too!!! In my house, almost every room is a variation on green (except the girls' room which is totally over the top pepto bismol pink...and my bedroom, where I used blue and now wish i used green.) I have resigned myself to having a THING for green.

sarah said...

thanks guys!! i will reconsider the blue, if i can't find another color.

alana: i will post some pics tomorrow night and find out what he did to fix the walls.