Monday, September 24, 2007

week two: progress

okay so this wasn't on my list, but my cat was laying on my bed, and my duvet doesn't currently have a cover on it. i scared him and he jumped and ran and TORE my duvet.... feathers everywhere. it was really quite funny because he thought it was fun and kept jumping on it while i was trying to keep all my feathers in my very favorite, can't live without, duvet. so i mended it!

i have always used a water filter! i have one on my faucet and the pitcher in the fridge.

i have painted just about every wall in this house. so i have been very close to every wall. i have a combination of plaster on lath, plaster on brick, and drywall. this makes it difficult, but not impossible, to hang pictures on the walls.

i think my cabinets look great, i did this exercise a couple of months ago. although, i still have a bit of work to do on my kitchen and since i don't have a foyer, but a small basket that collects my mail. i can continue with the kitchen/dining room task. i did get under the sink and organize!!



my storage closet, has improved!! here is my daughter sorting out the mismatched containers.

i also added some more hooks to the bar for some pots and pans that are used regularly and additional utensils.


we cut new flowers from my garden this morning. my cat doesn't seem so interested, but i had to put the jar in a vase so he wouldn't knock the water over. he is strange little kitty.

i feel that i know what my style is. how to describe... not so sure. i will continue to post pictures.


i cooked earlier in the week. i look forward to more cooking now that my kitchen is clean.

the part that i am most excited about!! my best friend and i are 5 days apart and our birthday is coming up at the beginning of october. we throw ourselves a party every year. this year we are going to do it at my house, and since we were so late in planning we are going to postpone it to NOVEMBER 2. i am so excited, because there is no turning back now!

i will add more photos to flickr this weekend. i am at my max.


Alana in Canada said...

You've done really well. I love hanging things up. Yours looks so tidy. And what an imporvement under the sink.

Your daughter doesn't look too happy about her job, though!

sarah said...

thanks alana!

she was not happy at all. it took her forever to do!